AutosBuzz Conference

Berlin | 20-21 May 2025









Who are the people at the AIM Group? And what do they know about automotive marketplaces? Can they back up the claim that AutosBuzz is the must-attend conference of the year?

You bet.

The AIM Group provides global business intelligence services — news and analysisconferences, and consulting — covering automotive marketplaces, ecommerce and classified advertising.

AIM Group writers, analysts, and consultants regularly speak with C-level executives and others to bring you automotive marketplace insights direct from decision-makers.

We work at senior levels with marketplace and classified companies, investors, and vendors, providing advice on strategic and operational challenges and opportunities. We have more than 30 analysts across the globe.

What sets us apart is our deep understanding of automotive marketplaces. That extensive knowledge, built during the last 25 years puts us in a unique position to analyze trends, forecast outcomes and help businesses gain a competitive advantage. Our wide-reaching network of experts in the business lets us bring those minds to you, on one stage, for an intense, two-day information, innovation, and ideas exchange. And the best part is networking — with your peers, your colleagues and up-and-coming stars. AutosBuzz has been around since 2017. (We missed one year due to Covid.) Want to know more about what people think? Check out #AutosBuzz on LinkedIn.

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Katja Riefler

Principal/Managing Director, AIM Group

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Peter M. Zollman

Founding Principal, AIM Group

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