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2023 Sponsors

Diamond Sponsor

The auto industry is strategically important for iovox and many brands around the world trust us every day to provide reliable call tracking, conversational AI, and analytics services tailored to their needs. We support leading marketplaces in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Australia, Luxembourg, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, and Mexico to name a few, all while complying with the most strict data privacy standards in the world. Additionally, iovox is a regulated tier 1 telecommunications carrier in several European countries and we can provide services in virtually any region of the world, which translates into no barriers to expansion, globally. We are excited to be Diamond sponsors of AutosBuzz and can’t wait to see you in Lisbon.

Platinum Sponsors

carVertical is a vehicle history reporting company. It generates reports using data from hundreds of national and private registries and databases around the world to provide customers with detailed information about any vehicle they’re planning to buy. carVertical operates in 26 countries, including most of Europe, as well as the US, Mexico, and Australia. 

carVertical’s mission is not only to help buyers choose a car or motorcycle in good condition but also to improve the culture of the used vehicle market. It’s no secret that many vehicles have hidden defects, with insincere sellers exploiting the trust of customers to make sales. carVertical’s goal is to bring more transparency to the market and protect used vehicle buyers. The company also focuses on the B2B segment, working with thousands of classifieds and used car dealers.

We're on a mission to support marketplaces and classifieds in generating easy, safe, effective conversations that drive more conversions.
For 15 years leading automotive marketplaces, including Blocket,, eBay, Gumtree, HeyCar, Kijiji, Marktplaats, and have used Freespee’s API-first platform to manage better conversations between buyers and sellers.
Freespee gives buyers the communication channel they want to use (form, phone, call-back, WhatsApp, SMS) at the right time. We increase the volume of connections. 
Freespee helps professional sellers better manage their leads across all channels (lead responsiveness, lead recovery, and automated lead workflows). We help sellers convert better and faster.
Freespee provides private sellers a safer and easier experience. We drastically reduce fraud and offer them more control. We improve Marketplaces’ brand image.
Freespee powers marketplaces to go beyond lead generation and get closer to the transaction. Having a deep understanding of conversations, means Marketplaces can give both buyers and sellers a ‘helping hand’ to progress the deal.

Users love video. Dealers love video. Once you have included our fully automated AI video solution to your premium or value add packaging, you will too. Increase the value you offer, get more demand for premium products whilst creating a potential uplift in pricing and margins. Phyrons innovative video and AI is the world’s first software solution for high quality automated video production and distribution for the global automotive industry. The team now counts over 1,500 customers across Europe and North America. and more than 75% of all automotive videos in The UK, 60% in Germany and 80% in the Nordics. Phyron has partnered with Auto Trader UK, Motors UK, Schibsted's, Autolina, GoCar, Carfind and more.The effect is 3-5 days faster sales, 17% more leads and 32 seconds longer time spent on ads with Phyron videos.“We see a powerful effect with Phyron. Ads using Phyron videos get on average over 50% more visits, and cars are sold three to five days faster”.  Tímea Draskovits, Director of Classified Revenues, Adevinta Hungary 

Gold Sponsor

Trustshare is a complete fintech layer for marketplaces across payments, escrow, banking and credit in a single unified API. Alex Chesterman, founder of Cazoo, and James Hind, CEO of Carwow, are prominent investors and they have been listed among the top 20 fintechs to watch by Business Insider.Their mission is to make becoming fintech-enabled and going transactional simple for marketplaces. Unlike traditional payment providers, they can move money from buyer to seller in under 15 seconds and don’t require sellers to register and verify before they accept their first payment. They can even open up new opportunities to bring financing at checkout even on listings from private sellers.They are a natural fit for both B2C and B2B automotive marketplaces and count brands like Collectingcars among their customers. They look forward to attending the conference.

Bronze Sponsors

Aspen Tech Labs is a global leader in recruitment advertising technology and web data management services. We provide technology, tools, web scraping, data, business intelligence, and analytics to support our global customers.

EuroCoc is a leader in the area of COC mediation for vehicles. We have been dealing with certificates of conformity (COC) since 2008; we have mediated over 350,000 COC certificates and we have won thousands of satisfied clients. During our activity, we have succeeded in creation of a wide network of suppliers that are a guarantee of great services and the key to effectiveness and reliability. Our success comes from the emphasis on individual relations with suppliers, continuous focus on latest technologies and the effort to help each customer with the registration of an imported vehicle. The main business activity of EuroCoc is the mediation of certificates of conformity for vehicles from the EU countries. They all contain standard protective signs that are typical for individual factory certificates. A Certificate of Conformity is the easiest way to register an imported vehicle in majority of EU countries.

Loopa Automate allows for Auto listings to be promoted off-network via programmatic and social channels at scale. This system is a revenue generation product (the dealer/agent/consumer pays for their listing advertisement to be “boosted” off-network) and provides increased page-views and engagement by the targeting of your portal or CRM relevant 1st party audience off-site.
Loopa-Automate is designed to advertise listings beyond your portals own site using the power of 1st party data, programmatic and social channels. The Ad-technology uses both retargeting and prospecting to display adverts to in-market and relevant 1st party audiences at scale.
Loopa Automate launched in 2018 and is in over 11 counties – if you are looking for a mature marketing automation platform that has a proven track record – come and talk to Nick from Loopa Automate.
The team at Loopa Automate have extensive background in online marketing and digital solutions with extensive knowledge of programmatic advertising and Ad Technology.
With over 25 year’s experience across a range of online disciplines, our operations team are experts and analytically driven when it comes to dynamic creative and performance advert campaigns.

Loopa Automate by Signifi Media from Signifi Media on Vimeo.

Reach Decision Makers

AutosBuzz is the first conference in the world dedicated to innovations in automotive and technology. More than 100 C-level executives, founders, and decision makers will be with us at AutosBuzz. 

Networking is at the core of our conferences. You’ll have the unique opportunity to showcase your brand and talk with executives who can use your services and make buying decisions for their companies.

Don’t Miss Out

Don’t miss this opportunity to mingle with auto advertising industry executives in a unique setting that gives sponsors prime access to companies who can use your services. For more information, fill out the form on this page or call or email our contacts below.

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Peter M. Zollman

Founding Principal, AIM Group

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