AutosBuzz Conference

Amsterdam | 14-15 May 2024









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The auto industry is strategically important for iovox and many brands around the world trust us every day to provide reliable call tracking, conversational AI, and analytics services tailored to their needs. We support leading marketplaces in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Australia, Luxembourg, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, and Mexico to name a few, all while complying with the most strict data privacy standards in the world. Additionally, iovox is a regulated tier 1 telecommunications carrier in several European countries and we can provide services in virtually any region of the world, which translates into no barriers to expansion, globally. We are excited to be Diamond sponsors of AutosBuzz and can’t wait to see you in Amsterdam.

Platinum Sponsors

carVertical is a vehicle history reporting company. It generates reports using data from hundreds of national and private registries and databases around the world to provide customers with detailed information about any vehicle they’re planning to buy. carVertical operates in 28 countries, including most of Europe, as well as the US, Mexico, and Australia. carVertical’s mission is not only to help buyers choose a car or motorcycle in good condition but also to improve the culture of the used vehicle market. It’s no secret that many vehicles have hidden defects, with insincere sellers exploiting the trust of customers to make sales. carVertical’s goal is to bring more transparency to the market and protect used vehicle buyers. The company also focuses on the B2B segment, working with thousands of classifieds and used car dealers.

We’re on a mission to personalize the buying experience. For everyone.

High-consideration purchases come with built-in issues. The biggest one is attention drop-offs, with 66% of customers purchasing a different car than they originally intended when they began their journey.

Our platform solves this problem by giving sales teams exactly what they need to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale.

This means that even if you have a million buyers, we can help you keep them engaged in meaningful ways from the start of the process to the very end.

Gold Sponsor

The Global Auto Hub – Abu Dhabi is one of the largest export and distribution hubs trading globally across all automotive product categories. A public-private partnership between AD Ports Group and Ghassan Aboud Group that aims to support and accelerate the government’s vision for economic diversification, and industrial growth by increasing automotive trade flow through the UAE. The Hub will foster partnerships by bringing together buyers, sellers, logistics service providers, government enablers, facilitators, and financial service providers to offer seamless access to the global market with international quality and service standards.

Spread over 3.3 sq km in KEZAD, the Global Auto Hub – Abu Dhabi will create an ecosystem featuring dedicated areas for showrooms, storage, spare parts, workshops, test tracks, auction houses, social and office spaces, and logistics services, along with government and commercial support services. Its hybrid configuration will also provide for both free zone and mainland business activities.

Reach Decision Makers

AutosBuzz is the first conference in the world dedicated to innovations in automotive and technology. More than 100 C-level executives, founders, and decision makers will be with us at AutosBuzz. 

Networking is at the core of our conferences. You’ll have the unique opportunity to showcase your brand and talk with executives who can use your services and make buying decisions for their companies.

Don’t Miss Out

Don’t miss this opportunity to mingle with auto advertising industry executives in a unique setting that gives sponsors prime access to companies who can use your services. For more information, fill out the form on this page or call or email our contacts below.

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Peter M. Zollman

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